Family photos are dear to my heart. You will never regret having family photos taken, and yet, if you don't think about it, the time passes by and the moment is gone forever. I know for myself that I take so many photos on my phone, (almost daily!) but unless its a selfie, I'm generally not in them. It is so important to have beautiful photos with all the members in the family.


Family photos need to reflect you. Your life. Your family. Your kids. Your home. It is just a record of life. It doesn't have to be perfect, just a precious reminder of a time that you will one day look back on and giggle about the missing tooth that your child had at the time, or the funny fringe one of the kids had because someone took it into their own hands to play "hairdresser, or bring back beautiful memories of someone you loved. Those irreplaceable moments are worth remembering.


You won't regret doing a family shoot... and if its been a couple of years since your last shoot, it may be time!